Being Number One on Google search results: What can it do for my Business?

Searching through Google to find information, products or services that we might need is completely common in 2023, so your business being number one is a great advantage to increasing your online presence and leading to potential customers from this.

However, it’s not just your business’ presence that’s improving, there are numerous benefits that it can bring to your business, so take 5 minutes to read about how what being number one on the search results page can do for your business!

Increase your Website Traffic

Let’s start it off tame with a benefit that should be guaranteed when you’re at the top of the search results, you’ll have an increase in traffic coming into your website. When you appear first on the search results then potential customers are more likely to click on your business, with around 34% of organic traffic preferring to go with the top results, and not bothering with the lower results. 

This increase in traffic to your website can help you improve Brand Visibility, Increase Engagement across your site and potentially generate more leads or sales, resulting in an increase in revenue.

Increased Credibility and Trust

Being number one on the search results can also be an advantage for your business as potential customers will see your business being there as a reason to trust you and create a sense of credibility between you and them.

When searching on the search engine, seeing a product or service at the top of the search results can give you a perception that your business has good authority within your industry compared to your competitors.

Improved Brand Awareness

Coming up first in the search results can do wonders for your business’ brand awareness, the viewers and potential customers are more likely to remember your brand, even if they don’t click through to your website!

Having a recognisable brand, favicon or other images that are related to your business will leave a lasting impression on them and possibly lead to more traffic being driven to your website in the long run.

Give your Business a Competitive Advantage

Ranking at number one is also a benefit for your business when it comes to keeping your competitors below you in the results, taking away potential customers from them and leading to an increase in traction to your website as a whole.

Chances are that customers aren’t going to scroll any further down on the search results, so being at number one gives you the best opportunity to pick up those customers ahead of the competition!

Ranking at number one on Google search results can have a significant impact on your business and the opportunities that can arise from it are numerous! However, is your business ready to get to that number one spot, or are you maybe not sure about everything that’s involved with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which can help you achieve that number one glory? 

Then look no further than the team at Use Brandable, we have years of experience when it comes to improving the SEO of our clients, helping them achieve their goals and realise the potential leads & revenue they can bring to their business. Click here to read more on how Keywords can help improve your business’ SEO, or click here to see how our SEO Services can benefit your business. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our team by clicking here.

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