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The Use Brandable team is ready to help you create bespoke Media that will help you to increase your potential audience at every opportunity. Whether it’s Google, Youtube or even Bing Ads, our team is ready with a hands-on approach to improving the number of clients that you are able to bring in.

How will we use our Strategies to assist your business?

Lets get your business recognised all over the internet

Our strategies for increasing your business’ audience and potential clients becoming returning ones is by getting your business out there, making sure that we’re spreading the word of your business to different audiences on the search results, trumping your competitors and seeing where the best areas for the Paid Media lie. We have different options when it comes to areas of PPC when marketing your business, it all depends on which direction you’d like to take!

What is our Paid Media Process?

By utilising the paid tools and platforms available, we work with you to understand where is the best place to push out the messages for your business, this is based on the experience that your audience might have on your business, and making sure to collaborate together to understand which areas are the best place for research.

Once we’ve understood the gist of the areas that you believe are the most important areas for Paid Media, as well as our own research – our team is then ready to design highly targeted strategies, campaigns and other search ads throughout the different platforms that we believe can be effective to reach the correct audience. Together we can help you with the KPIs for your business and the objectives that you wish to achieve, we’re ready to activate the campaigns across the different areas of Paid Media that we agreed upon.

With the Paid Media campaigns all in place, we’re ready to understand and report on how well the different platforms are performing, making sure that you are in the loop for what’s going on, where we can communicate what’s working and where we can expand further on the Paid Media we can offer to your business.

What can Pay Per Click do for your business?

how far can PPC take your business?

Get found by the people who are searching for you! Working with Google we’re able to create and implement ads for your business on different search results, where you will appear at the top of the results and are more likely to be clicked on rather than your competitors.

Our Paid Media team are ready to assist your business with crafting the perfectly themed PPC campaign for you. With years of experience, they are ready to produce in-depth keyword research to ensure the right search terms are targeted for you each time a potential customer searches. From this, they will work together with our Website Design & Development team to create a relevant and engaging Landing Page, to encourage the new audience flooding to your website to choose your products and services over other competitors. We work with the vision of getting your business the highest quality scores with our ads, making sure that as well as improving the impressions that you have with the ads, we also want to make sure that the amount of potential customers clicking through to the Landing Page is at a similar level, measured through our statistics as CTR (Click Through Rate).

What’s more, we take pride in ourselves keeping pace with the latest developments in the Pay-Per-Click space. From utilising the latest Google Ads features to exploring the implications of algorithm advances, our Paid Media team work tirelessly to ensure your campaigns will perform at their best and give you the return on investment that you deserve!

Paid Media Experts In West Sussex

The Use Brandable team has assisted many clients with our Paid Media services, carefully choosing and composing the perfect way that we can take their business’ reach as far as possible within their target market.

Based in the heart of Crawley, West Sussex, we pride ourselves on providing Paid Media services to both local businesses and others across the UK!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Paid Media can be implemented across the internet, on all different kinds of platforms and target many different audiences. Click here to find out what kind of Paid Media services we provide, or here to contact one of our team!

Yes, they do need to be updated if you changed the offer you might have on, or if the campaign has changed we can stop those ads and implement new ones with new information and links.

Our team keep reports on how the different Paid Media are performing for you, separated into different campaigns and time scales where you are also able to view, keeping you in the loop and showing how your ads are doing and if you want to make any changes.