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There are many different Social Media Platforms available to us in the modern world of business, each one requiring a different strategy to maximise your reach. The Use Brandable team are eager to get started in developing a bespoke Social Media Strategy for your business and start or improve your presence for whichever platform will benefit you and your business the most.

How can we use Social Media to assist your business?

From instagram to linkedin, We will take your business to the next level!

Social Media has created a brand new way to reach and communicate with clients, customers and really an expanded audience, a lot of people use Social Media Platforms for keeping up to date with their friends and family, or learning more about subjects they’re interested in.

There is however the opportunity to take advantage of these different platforms and expand your business reach. Our team will make sure to get your business out there, even further than it has been before! By utilising ads on different platforms, from LinkedIn to TikTok, we can generate your business new leads with these ads and turn those potential customers into returning ones. We take care of the design and copywriting of the ads, however, being in direct communication with you too – making sure that your opinion is final when creating and publishing the ads!

How do we implement our Social Media strategies for your business?

Our team works with you to enhance your business’ presence across the certain social media platforms that you’re on – we use our ads, or just posts on your account to improve the number of potential customers that will come into contact with a post from your business. Social Media is used by people from all over the world, we need to take advantage of this growth of the audience we have in our grasp and use it to bring in more clients and customers to your business. Our team will research which platforms would be best for your business. Making sure to communicate with you to learn more about how your business works and who your competitors are, as well as the demographics of your already existing audience – using this information to be able to tailor the ads and posts to appeal to your potential customers across the platform.

We work with Paid Ads for different platforms, advertising your products/services to your defined target audience, whilst also directing them to your website. Our team will work to create and design ads that stand out and engage your potential customers while they’re scrolling through and take a few minutes to get interested in the products and convert them into a client or customers for your business.

3 Key benefits of using Social Media Marketing

how far can social media take your business?

Our Social Media Team at Use Brandable have installed strategies for a range of varying clients, to best fulfil their business goals. Making our team adaptable and ready to begin a new adventure with your business. Here are 3 key benefits that the right, consistent Social Media Strategy can have on your business:

1. Increased Brand Awareness

By using Social Media to market your business, you’re able to branch out and increase your brand awareness to an increased audience. This can especially be utilised when marketing over multiple Social Media platforms.

2. Improved Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty is key to keeping existing customers and also reaching out to new ones by positive ‘word of mouth’. But, customers will only stay around if you treat them well and keep them coming back for more. By simply engaging with customers on Social Media and responding to tags is a great way for them to feel seen & heard.

3. More Inbound Traffic

When marketing without Social Media, you’re limiting your inbound traffic to just your existing customer base. When using Social Media marketing you’re able to branch out and increase your target audience, ultimately leading to more inbound traffic to your business.

Social Media Experts In West Sussex

The Use Brandable team has assisted many clients with their Social Media accounts, across a variety of platforms and business sectors. Expanding their target markets and bringing in more potential customers into their business.

Based in the heart of Crawley, West Sussex, we pride ourselves on providing Social Media services to both local businesses and others across the UK!

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Frequently Asked Questions


From Facebook to TikTok we cover a vast range of Social Media Platforms to suit all of your marketing needs! Click here to see the full range of Social Media platforms we support.

Yes! We are able to setup and create your Social Media accounts, this includes implementing campaigns that you would like posted across these different accounts.

Yes! We can make sure that your Social Media accounts are performing at their best and be able to access campaigns easily for you.

You are still able to post ads while ads are already in place across the platform, whereas the ads will be seen by those who are targeted on the campaigns, your posts will be only seen by those who are following or who find your account.