Keeping your Business Safe: Why is Website Security so Important?

Keeping our belongings secure and safe is something we think about all the time, locking your home, your car even turning on alarms to be aware of any intruders who might try to tamper with or steal your property from you. So why wouldn’t the same apply to your business’ website? Website Security has become a prevalent issue in recent years, with more and more businesses relying on the internet to be their mainstream income, especially e-commerce sites, which can lose possibly high margins of revenue if their website is attacked and forced to be taken offline while the issues are fixed.

From just a simple re-direct to another website, to even a large data breach – you and your customers could be at risk if your Website Security isn’t up to scratch. Let’s take a look at what the dangers of poor Website Security can hold for your business, as well as, why having up-to-date security software is important.

Hackers & Malicious Software

Now we’re all used to the cliche of Hackers in Films & TV Shows frantically tapping away at their computers, followed by the smug line of “I’m in” – but, in reality, Hackers pose a huge threat to you, your website and any sensitive data that you or your customers might have stored inside of it.

If your Website Security is not secure enough and can be bypassed easily, then you could be at risk of Hackers infiltrating your website, either going through private information to you, or possibly your customers – possibly editing parts of your website, or even installing malicious software and pop-ups across your site, leaving it in a state where it’s not functional.

Malware attacks can be a common threat on websites, designed to damage disrupt or even take control of your computer system, they are dangerous pieces of software that Hackers use to infiltrate your website. Once inside the system, Malware can transfer between other devices and compromise sensitive data. With proper Website Security measures in place, you’re able to protect your business from Malware attacks, or other Malicious Software, protecting not just you but your customers as well.

Keep your Customer’s Information Safe

Making sure that the information that customers have provided to you is kept safe should be of the up-most importance on your website. When abiding by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) you’re agreeing to ensure that your business will keep your customer’s personal information safe – as if it’s compromised and their data is leaked and stolen, then you could face legal action against you and the business.

Keeping your Website Security up-to-date and safe against any kind of leaks can prevent these sorts of situations from happening, ensuring everyone’s information is safe and your business doesn’t get involved in any kind of legal troubles as a result.

Remove the Risk of Downtimes & Lost Revenue

Having a security breach within your website can lead to a few consequences within the business, as the website can have a period of downtime, which in turn can lead to loss of revenue and possibly impact your brand’s reputation.

Having your website supported with the best security possible can allow it to stay live, even in the event of a security breach. Allowing your customers to still have access to the website while your team in the background sorts out the issue while maintaining business continuity across the website itself.

Allow Customer Trust to Stay High

In the modern world of business, customers understand the risks of security and that when doing business online, their information is at risk when making a transaction online – leading them to possibly be more cautious when it comes to purchasing items online. By having a high-functioning security protocol and system in place across your website, you can assure your customers that they can trust allowing you to have access to their personal information, creating loyalty and building trust for the future, all thanks to your Website Security being at its best!

Website Security is essential for businesses of all sizes, making sure your security system and protocols are up-to-date, as well as having a great hosting platform & staff in the background is always going to be to your advantage!

At Use Brandable, our team have years of experience when it comes to Website Development and making sure that our client’s websites are protected is one of our main priorities! Click here to get in contact with our team and learn how we can help keep your website safe!

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