Grow your revenue through Social Media, which Ads will work best for your business?

Inside the business world, it’s become common knowledge that Social Media is an effective tool for your business to reach potential customers and grow your brand. Still, nothing will bring you, customers, from these platforms like ads can! However, with so many different Social Media platforms at the end of your fingertips, it can be challenging to know which platform is the best place for your business to advertise and bring in the most potential customers inside of your target market and increase your revenue at the same time.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go through which Social Media platform is the best place for your ads!

Stick to What you know with Facebook

It’s been around for years and years, but Facebook still remains at the top of the list for how many active users there are in the UK. In 2021 there were 48.5 million users in the UK alone, with the largest demographic of age coming from those aged 25 – 34 years old.

However, even though that is the largest demographic in terms of age, doesn’t mean that other age ranges aren’t far behind in using the Social Media platform. With Facebook Ads, you’re allowed to distinguish between the age, interests, behaviours and locations of the audience you are targeting, or you can just keep it broad and find potential customers from a variety of different areas!

A great benefit of Facebook Ads is that you can have multiple different types of advertising, from images to videos or even a carousel of both – there is an opportunity for you to pull in revenue for your business while keeping your advertising inexpensive at the same time.

Keep it ‘Meta’ with Instagram

Part of the Meta group, along with Facebook, these two Social Media platforms offer something others cannot, they are linked and ads can be posted from Facebook onto Instagram!

Instagram is a lot more visually oriented than Facebook, giving you a great option to showcase what your products and services are all about, in a creative and stylish way. With 32 million UK users in 2022, Instagram has a similar demographic to Facebook in age, however, with a closely followed by users aged 18 – 24 years old.

Instagram is the Social Media platform for you to show off what you have to offer to your potential customers – this is a great way for businesses that have a younger target audience to get in touch and advertise on the platform for a vast amount of customers to view the products and services that will interest them!

Let’s be Professional with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Social Media platform that is ideal for B2B businesses, helping you to reach the professional audience that you desire, generating leads and revenue for your business.

As of December 2022, one in five users on LinkedIn is aged 35 – 54, with the majority of other users being aged 24 – 35, with almost 60% of the platform being made up of this demographic. LinkedIn Ads hone in on being able to target your audience through their business profiles, with the option to target based on; Job Titles, the size of the Company and their Business Industry.

There are many different options that you can choose from for your business’ format of ads, such as; Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and Display Ads.

Take your ‘Pic’ with Snapchat

Snapchat is a Social Media platform that is popular with younger demographics, however, don’t write off that it doesn’t mean that older ages don’t use it too! With 22.15 million UK users in 2023, so far, there is a large market to take advantage of for businesses whose target audience is a younger demographic.

You can choose from a variety of formats to promote your business’ products and services, just remember that Snapchat and its Ads, they are very heavily influenced by the visual aspects of the platform. From Snap Ads, Story Ads or even a custom filter – to even having User Generated Content (UGC) using your products or services that can be promoted to a specific and targeted audience, where you can focus on interests, behaviours and overall demographics.

By using Snapchat you can create highly targeted ads that link out to your website and take your potential customers straight to your site, leading to an increase in leads and revenue for your business!

Why not go Viral with TikTok?

A Social Media platform that is taking the world by storm at the moment, with a younger demographic audience, similar to Snapchat, TikTok can be a great opportunity for your business to get your products and services out there to a wider audience.

One of the benefits of TikTok Ads is that they can be really engaging and is a huge strength for any business using the platform. TikTok Ads can be just as inventive and engaging as the platform’s short-form video content. You can attract your target audience’s attention and increase traffic to your website or landing page by making entertaining and compelling ads that are targeted to your audience’s demographics.

TikTok Ads are available in a variety of formats, such as sponsored hashtags, brand takeovers, and in-feed ads. Similar to Instagram Ads, in-feed ads pop up as a video in the user’s feed. When a user opens the app, brand takeovers are ads that appear straight away in their feed and grab their attention from the start, having UGC can pull in potential customers with ease as they will be able to recognise the content creator and be engaged with what they have to say. Sponsored hashtags encourage users to produce and share content centred around a particular hashtag, allowing you to sit back and watch as, for free, users on the platform create content that will advertise your business for you!

Social Media Ads can be an excellent tool for you to grow your business. The first step in finding which Social Media platform can work best for your business, look at the options above and take into account the market you’re in, the products & services you offer and the advertising budget you have to play with. If you’re still not sure which Social Media platform is best for your business’ ads, or if you’re in need of some help with creating the engaging content you desire, then look no further than the team at Use Brandable!

Our team has years of experience when it comes to Social Media and creating exciting ads that will bring revenue to your business. Learn more about our Social Media Ads here, or book a call with one of our team by clicking here.

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Grow your revenue through Social Media, which Ads will work best for your business?

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