Why is Improving Customer Experience Key to a Successful Business in 2023?

Customers are a massive part of every business, if we’re being truthful then they are mainly the reason why your business is continuing to this day! So why not give them a great experience when visiting your website? Having a positive customer experience is excellent for your customers and can do wonders for your business too! So, here are our reasons why having a good customer experience is crucial for your business and what it can lead to:

Customer Retention

Making sure that once your customers are in, then it’s time to make sure you don’t let them go! Giving your customers a positive experience, whether it be through your website, in person or even on a call is a great example of keeping those retention rates up! It’s all about turning those potential and first time visitors into loyal customers of your business, giving them the incentive to choose you over the competition and leading them to come back and do business with you in the future.

Customer Loyalty

Similarly to the point of Customer Retention, creating that sense of loyalty can apply to your customers choosing you over your competitors, however, it can also apply to word of mouth recommendations – leading to new potential customers coming into your business!

A Competitive Advantage

Taking note of your competition can always be a great advantage to your business, learning how they deal with their own customers can show you places to improve upon and stay ahead of them.

Could even be that their website takes too long to load, which can lead to an increased bounce rate of customers not willing to sit around and wait, even if it’s just a few seconds the bounce rate can increase to around 32% more likely to happen. This can potentially lead them to choose your business over them, well as long as you’ve got a fast loading website! Keeping your customers happy and satisfied, with not just your products but also your website is a huge part of keeping the customer experience high.

Increased Revenue

Providing a great customer experience is a great asset in leading to increased revenue for your business. When your customers are engaged, happy and can find what they’re looking for easily, then they’re going to be more inclined to purchase your products & services, or possibly even additional ones on top of the ones they needed. It all starts from when they first visit your business so you need to be on your ‘A Game’ from the get-go!

Positive Brand Reputation

Whether it’s finding a product on your website to having a call with customer service, the customer experience spreads itself across your entire business, but what can it lead to? Similarly to how customers can spread the word to their family and friends, they can also leave reviews on your website, products or even your Google Business Profile – leading to others who stumble across your business to see all the positive reviews and experiences that these previous customers had with your brand, leading them to prefer doing business with you over your competitors!

Overall, making sure that you keep your customer experience high will in turn lead to a fruitful outcome for your business! That increased revenue that you recuperate could all be down to your website being that second faster to load than your competitors, so don’t leave it to chance!

At Use Brandable, we have years of experience in dealing with Website Development & Design, keeping loading times down and customer experience up for our E-Commerce clients! Get in touch with the team today and we’ll make sure that your website is ready to provide a positive experience for all your customers.

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Why is Improving Customer Experience Key to a Successful Business in 2023?

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