What is UGC? How can my Business Benefit from User Generated Content?

The modern business world has completely changed over the last few decades, none more so than that of the last 10 years. With social media becoming more prominent and other forms of acronyms being introduced like ‘SEO’, ‘PPC’ and even ‘UGC’. You might know the first few, but you might be stumped when it comes to UGC, however you wouldn’t be alone!

What does UGC stand for and what can I do with it?

When it comes to marketing, the area of social media is one of the biggest in the market, with different social media platforms popping up every couple of months. When we’re scrolling through our feeds, we see a lot of different images or videos depicting products or services and giving them praise, this can be classed as UGC.

UGC also known as User Generated Content is the act of publishing content on either a website or social media platform, from an account of a customer to advertise products or services with the business in mind. UGC can become a form of marketing in itself, with the different images and videos taken from a customer’s perception of your products and services – it could even be a short video of your products in use, it could range from, how to apply skincare or make-up products, how they should be applied and used. UGCs are used to demonstrate your products or services in use and offer up their benefits of them to your potential customers.

Now, where can your business come into this? You might think that your products or services might not fit the demographic to utilise UGC, but there’s space everywhere, suitable for every business!

Is UGC a strategy my Business should take on?

The one thing that can turn businesses away from giving UGC a go can be how much it will cost and how much revenue could I make from it, which is completely reasonable! You’re delving into an area of your business that you’ve never tried before, but it can be a bit daunting, however, the leap is most certainly worth it. It’s not only a new platform to be able to advertise your business, but it also gives customers viewing your business an idea of what they can expect from the products and services that you offer.

The thing is as few as 16% of businesses have a UGC strategy, showing the amount of up-tapped market that your business can move into, providing you with the opportunity to get your products out there and take advantage of this area of the market.

Where can I implement my UGC strategy?

When it comes to having UGC across your different channels, there is a big choice of where you’d like to have the images or videos across your different platforms. Implementing your UGC strategy can be added onto other marketing channels that you already have running, such as Email or SMS marketing campaigns, however, this can be used for new products or services as these customers would be already subscribed after seeing what your business has to offer.

Social media marketing is where a majority of businesses that use a UGC strategy implement their different images or videos to advertise to their customers. With social media, there can be the problem of which platform to choose, as really there are many different platforms that you can choose from, but it depends on who your target demographic is in comparison to where you post your UGC. It’s always important to research who you are advertising to, what you are posting and what is the best platform to post it on!

How can I find a Content Creator for my Business?

When getting your UGC out there, you need to have a creator that’s right for your business. There are many different sectors and markets of business, and you might be thinking that your business could be a part of a sector where a creator might not be available.

However, at Use Brandable we have a wide range of content creators, across a variety of different social media platforms, that we are in contact with. They specialise in many different areas within the business market – working with us we will find the right content creator to fit your target audience, as well as your business sector!

How can I draw viewers to my UGC?

Grabbing the attention of your audience is a great way to get them interested in your content, appealing to them and advertising your products or services in this way can be an advantage when it comes down to them going through with buying it!

Hooking in their attention with either a caption or the start of a description, with hooks like: ‘I used to do X’ or ‘Stop scrolling if you suffer with X’, these are ready to catch the attention of your viewer or reader, relating to them with the hook within the sentence. Researching and getting to know your audience demographic can help you get a better view and understanding of where you can relate to them and tailor your content to get them interested, working hand in hand with choosing the right content creator for your UGC, this can give your content the right tone and feeling when coming across to your audience

Businesses are moving towards a UGC strategy every week, taking advantage of that break in the market and pushing more and more potential customers to buy their products or services, just from a video or image on a platform that they so choose. So why not get in on this ever-growing strategy, get in touch today and we can help you with your own UGC strategy!

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