Is Your Business Ready For Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Does this year feel like it’s flying past us? It seems like only yesterday that we were getting ready for the Summer, and now we’re on the road to the holidays! However, just before that piques our interest there are a few days that definitely take the attention of those who love to save a few pounds, and we’re not talking about weight! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just on the horizon, so let us refresh our minds with what they are all about!

Let’s prepare for a longer sales period

Let’s be frank, the way we shop has changed quite a lot in the last 10 years. The times of waiting at the shop doors to get that one item you need, just for someone to snatch it away from you! Well, now it’s all about online shopping, the days of waiting at the door have been replaced by constantly refreshing the product pages!

With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about keeping the shelves stocked in-store, you’ve now got just how many products that are in the warehouse at the time. Being prepared for that more extended period will keep you ahead of the competition, and your business will be ready to satisfy all your customer’s orders, while your competitor’s stock ran out long before then. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, although they have days in their names they don’t just run for the one, so being ready for a long sales period is always helpful.

How best to communicate with your customers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about the deals, however, there still needs to be your customers there to take advantage of the deals. Keeping good communication between yourself and your customers can be the difference between if you turn a decent profit during these few days, and not getting noticed enough!

Whether it’s a banner on your site a couple of weeks before, or even some pre-emptive Email and SMS marketing campaigns. Utilising communication between you and your customers, informing them of deals to expect, creates excitement and encourages them to come to you when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around.

A great way to reward your loyal customers through Email or SMS marketing campaigns can be to give them a discount code valid for the products over the days when your deals are in place, adding an extra incentive will make customers feel appreciated by your business and help retain them for future purchases.

A discount doesn’t always have to be site-wide!

When we think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, one of the first things that pop into our minds is the extent of the discounts across the different websites. Although, when we’re looking at these discounts, possibly on a site you’ve never been to before – are you ever going to visit that website again if there wasn’t a discount available? Setting up these discounts can increase your profits for the end of November, however, going forward could damage your profit margins when applied to the average months of the year without the addition of discount days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Rather than offering a percentage discount for a few days at a time, where customers can peruse and purchase, and possibly not come back, you could instead offer scaled discounts for their future purchases! For example, you could offer a free gift card with every purchase over £50, or even £5 off your next order when you spend over £50 on Black Friday or Cyber Monday – this can entice customers to come back even after the discounts have been and gone. With your customers spending more on average, it can bring a larger return on customers to your business, so why not give it a try? See how many potential customers you can convert into returning ones!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like…discounts?”

We all know that once Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, the holidays are just on the horizon, with customers eager to get those deals in early! But, just how many of these customers are interested in those holiday gifts?

Recent studies show that in 2021 around 35% of customers in the UK admitted that they started shopping early for the holidays, and more importantly, that around 9% would be using Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get those deals done as soon as possible!

It may not seem like a lot, but the numbers seem to increase each year and in 2022 the number of customers using these days to get the gift shopping done early seems like it will increase!

So is your business ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Or did these points give you some information that could be beneficial for bringing in more customers, along with that some increased revenue too?

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how the Use Brandable team can help your business optimise your Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals!

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