Why We ReBranded

Hello, my name is Luke, founder of Use Brandable, previously known as CH4B Digital. It all started with the initial idea of setting up a Web Design & Digital Marketing company three years ago. Since then we have come a long way, from starting by myself to an ever-growing team with a diverse group of clients. A brand is the unique identity of a company, including how it makes people feel and act, it’s much more than just a logo! Generally, most businesses rebrand once every 7-10 years. The reason for this is to continue to be in line with their audience and stay on trend; even companies like Nike and Walt Disney have changed their branding 5 or 6 times. Over the past few years, we’ve grown rapidly so the rebrand only felt natural. Our team are bursting with new fresh ideas and have years of experience. We are the next generation.

The Process of Rebranding.

  1. Research
    A lot of research went into this rebranding. We started by having a group brainstorming session, where we discussed different names and checked them through Companies House. “Brandable” stuck out to us as it tells you exactly what we do.
  2. Create a Logo & Brand Guidelines
    Creating a logo is difficult as it represents your brand, but we knew exactly what we wanted to portray. We began with rough drafts to generate ideas and eventually the Use Brandable logo was born. Consisting of black, white and a cool green as our company colours, paired with a clean modern design which matches our brand. Next up, the website.
  3. New Website
    When we started this process we knew our website was a key area we wanted to improve. Since the start, we have been busy expanding our client’s businesses, and we have barely touched ours since we started. We wanted to go for a modern-looking website, preferably a dark theme with something sleek which is easy to navigate.
  4. Everything thing else
    There’s plenty to consider when rebranding, I don’t think we realised initially how much work there was to do. We had to update our invoices, payroll system, usernames for all software as well as email accounts. When doing this, we moved over to Google workspace rather than using Microsoft 365 like we used to. We did this for several reasons, but we found ourselves using Google features the majority of the time so setting up Google Workspace was the way to go.

How the New Brand Reflects the Company Today

Over the past few years, we’ve built some incredible websites and achieved great success for many clients. Now’s the time for us to show it off and feature some of these on our website. We still offer white-label partnerships to other agencies so unfortunately, we can’t show off all our work but we’ll give you an insight into as much as we can.

We have also partnered with some leading companies like Shopify and e-commerce email marketing platform Klaviyo, we look forward to working alongside these large companies as well as helping our smaller partners.

The Future

We have helped many businesses exceed their goals in the past few years and we can’t wait to continue the journey as Use Brandable. Our motto will always be if you grow, we grow together.

If you need a little help as you consider your rebrand, we’re happy to chat. Alternatively, if you think your company is ready for a transformation, read some of our client’s stories and see how they experienced the process and see what they had to say!

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