Hashtags! How can they assist your Business?

Hashtags. Everyone knows what one is, but does everyone know the importance of one, and what they really do? Hashtags have a big role to play in social media and can help scale businesses if you get it right. So let’s dive deeper into them…

What actually is a Hashtag?

As many of you know, the symbol for a hashtag is the hash key (#). This is then followed by words or a phrase relevant to the post, this can include numbers or characters but not symbols. These are used to help categorise content allowing users to find specific content quickly within social media.

Hashtags help drive attention to your post, which in return, increases brand awareness and engagement, but only if used correctly! Although as businesses, we mainly use hashtags so customers have an easier time finding us, they can also allow us to tap into and engage in new conversations within social media and help us become a part of a wider conversation within our industry, which also boosts brand awareness.

Where to find Hashtags?

Researching hashtags can be useful to businesses to work out which one best relates to your post. Hashtag finders know your sector and will present you with hashtags that relate to the message you are trying to convey. As well as this, they can analyse the hashtag to see how many posts it has, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is over-saturated. Some hashtag finders offer more helpful features but these are the main ones that will get you started. Here are some websites that can help: Flick, Neon Tools, GravTag, Daily Purpose & All Hashtag.

How many Hashtags to use?

Each platform utilises hashtags differently, therefore the amount you use should also differ. It is recommended for Facebook only 2-3 should be used, Tiktok 3-5 and Instagram as many as 11. As always, base it on your business and what works best for you. Start small and figure out what hashtags actually work for you first, then build on them. Just remember, don’t add too many, especially those that aren’t relevant or the post could be considered spam and will cause engagement to decline.

Niche Down!

The goal of using hashtags in social media is to reach larger audiences whilst increasing brand engagement. However, if you don’t want your hashtags to get lost in the minefield that they are, you need to be unique and specific.

Although popular hashtags such as #digitalmarketing may get thousands of searches per day, they are also the most used, meaning that your one post is likely is get lost among the many. To ensure your post gets seen and is relevant to the consumer, try to be more specific to your target audience. Instead of using #digitalmarketing, try to incorporate the area that your target audience is in, for example, #digitalmarketingsussex. This may have a lot fewer searches than the others but it ensures high visibility and the consumer will have a higher engagement.

Another important tip to remember is, although niching down is great, ensure the hashtag isn’t too lengthy and can still be easily read by the consumer. Something similar to #digitalmarketingagencyeastgrinstead is too harsh on the consumer’s eye, hard to break down, and too specific.

To sum up…

Hashtags can be a great way to promote your business and be seen in areas that would be otherwise difficult to reach. They attract new audiences, increase brand awareness and boost engagement rates. Just ensure that they are relevant & specific so you can begin to see the benefits.

Social media is constantly evolving and to stay on top of it, you need to keep up with the latest features and trends. Stick with us, and we will help you along the way, get in contact and let’s talk about how we can help your business with the addition of hashtags!

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