Email Marketing: Why You Should Be Using It!

Before I dive into why email marketing is the ultimate key to success and an absolute must for growth within businesses, you might want to know what it is first.

What Is Email Marketing?

For those of you who don’t know, email marketing is simply a form of communication with your customers through a marketing strategy, with the aim to achieve business goals.

Emails can be used to generate sales, create brand awareness, increase customer engagement, acquire new customers and reward existing customers for their loyalty to your business. 

For potential customers, emails can be used to entice your audience in an effective outreach campaign, on the other hand for existing customers, email marketing is used to build on the relationship already set and build awareness.

Types Of Email Campaigns

There are different email campaigns for different goals, and when used correctly, the results that they produce can be staggering!


These campaigns are typically sent as a one-off to your customer and are sent when a customer first signs up to receive your emails. These emails tend to have 2 goals in mind. The first goal is to begin building that relationship with the receiver (this is invaluable once developed) and the second is sales generation, these emails are usually followed by a promotional offer to generate customer action.


Newsletters are usually used to keep your customer updated with all things on brand. These emails are used to further customer trust by communicating with them directly any important announcements, new products/services being introduced, or any message that the business may want to convey.

Special Occasions

Letting your customers in on special occasions that are happening within your business is a great way for them to feel connected to you. This type of campaign boosts customer retention & loyalty. Although it’s great to share your news with your customers, why don’t you let them know you’re also thinking of them by sharing a ‘Happy Birthday’ message on their special day? Something as simple as this can make the customer feel seen and appreciated, it can also be the difference between them choosing who they’d spend their money with during this time. These campaigns work best with a promotional offer to entice the customer. 

Abandoned Cart

For E-Commerce businesses, these emails are a godsend. This campaign is simply an email to remind customers that they had items in their cart, but have not yet checked out. They ask their customers to continue to check out and usually within a certain time frame to add a gentle scare tactic. Adding a time frame within these emails makes it seem more urgent to the consumer and they may feel like they will miss out if they do not complete the purchase soon. A recent report from Klaviyo reveals that businesses using cart recovery reminders, earn back 3%-14% of lost sales, with an average revenue per recipient of $5.81.

How Can They Help My Business?

We’ve gone through what they are, and what types are commonly used. But the real question is, can they help your business?

According to Hubspot, email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses and if that isn’t enough to convince you alone, here are 4 more ways that email marketing can help your business:

Customer Outreach

Compared to social media platforms and other forms of marketing, email marketing has greater chances of being seen as well as consumed. In comparison to other marketing methods, email marketing is direct and is at the convenience of the consumer to digest when they deem it necessary.

Customer Loyalty

Email marketing allows you to communicate directly with your customers. Returning customers appreciate being kept in the loop with the business’s latest news as well as new products and promotions. Tip: Segmenting your audience into loyal customers, and allowing this segment to receive news before others is a great way to show your appreciation!


Announcing new launches or promotions via a newsletter is cost-effective, fast, and a direct way to keep customers informed, generating interest and excitement.

Easy! (Or at least Easier…)

Email marketing is relatively easy to maintain, quick, and cost-effective. Email marketing services such as Klaviyo & Active Campaign have made the process easier by drag and drop boxes, allowing for more customisation.

Email Marketing is popular across all generations, according to recent research. Enabling businesses to reach a broader audience effectively and inexpensively. Regardless of your business’s industry and size, email marketing can produce multiple opportunities from lead generation to customer engagement. 

Looking to expand your business’ reach through email marketing? Then the team at Use Brandable are on hand to help, click here to get an insight into how we can implement email marketing campaigns for your business!

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