Website Optimisation: The Benefits & Why You Need To Act Now!

Are you seeing a lack of conversions on your website? Or even worse, a decline in visitors? Have you considered it may be due to a poor user experience on your website? Of course not! Because your website looks great but does it function as smoothly as possible?

Before we jump into the HUGE benefits that a good, high-quality, functioning website can have on your business, let’s dive into what website optimisation actually is.

What Is Website Optimisation?

Website optimisation is a set of actions that can help you improve user experience, traffic, and conversions on your site. You can have many KPIs to improve your website, but the overall goal is to ensure the consumers’ digital journey is seamless. Therefore, creating the best environment for consumers to convert into happy, and returning customers.

Why Is Optimising Your Website Important?

Considering that 88% of consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience and 46.7% of consumers also said they would share a negative user or customer experience with a friend. It is easy to see that a clear, direct, and easy-to-follow customer experience is essential for converting and keeping customers.

Benefits Of Optimising Your Website

Increase Traffic 

Many marketing campaigns focus on a defined target audience, which is great, but they may not be looking for what you’re selling at this particular time. Organic SEO carefully chooses a handful of keywords that attract anyone with intent at the time, making this the perfect way to pull in potential customers.

Increase Conversion Rates

Having a disorganised website can cause confusion for your consumers, making it difficult to complete the action that you want them to. If this action is too hard to achieve, it will lead to frustration and exiting of the website with no action taken, and an unlikely to-return consumer. 

On the other hand, if your website is clear and the consumer can easily find what they are looking for, they are more likely to be satisfied, leading to a purchase or completing your chosen goal.

Improve Brand Awareness & Visibility

If we look back on why optimisation is important, we touched on those who would share a bad experience. Well, we’re here to look at the positive. 44% of users would share a very good experience with a friend. Although the figure isn’t as high as a negative experience, it is still nearing half of the users on your site! This means, just by giving your consumers a good customer experience, you can increase brand awareness and visibility, for FREE!

Another way of doing this is going back to SEO. Organic and Paid SEO will have a huge impact on where you are seen in the search engine results pages, so if your website is packed with relevant content and keywords that apply to the search, the higher you will appear on the results page. Users deem the higher results as more trust-worthy, high quality sites, so the higher the better. Let’s be honest, no one is scrolling to page 367. 

If you haven’t got the point already, website optimisation is extremely important for your business! This also means constantly staying on top of it and ensuring it doesn’t fall behind the times or your business. 
It can be time consuming to ensure your website is optimised 24/7. Focus on other areas of your business where you succeed and hand it over to us, where we succeed in getting you seen! Click here to get in contact with us, or alternatively contact us via our social media.

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