WordPress or Shopify, which CMS is best for my Business?

E-Commerce is at the forefront of business in 2023, with customers and clients coming from all over to visit your website and purchase your products and services. Whether you’re focused on customer satisfaction or all about increased revenue, there are two different Content Management Systems (CMS) that are the way to go for your business, so what will it be? WordPress or Shopify? Let’s take a dive into which of these CMS could be best for your business!

Dedication to E-Commerce

When it comes to E-Commerce and getting your products & services out there for all your customers to view and buy, then Shopify might be the way for you. A one-stop shop for building your online store, giving you the opportunity to put your products to the front of their attention, as well as being able to host your site for you all in one. However, on the other hand, comes WordPress, an open-sourced CMS platform, although you need to host your own site, it has all the capabilities of Shopify, with plugins and add-ons, with WooCommerce the plugin of choice for website builders using WordPress for an E-Commerce focused business.

Can WordPress provide me with what my business needs?

Both of these CMS are giants in the website building world, but they do cater to different needs for a variety of business types. As mentioned, Shopify is on top for E-Commerce, but WordPress isn’t too far behind. Yet, WordPress has the capabilities to provide your business with a website that can be visually stunning and provide a seamless customer journey from start to finish – with plugins ranging from WooCommerce for your E-Commerce needs to RankMath to provide you with everything you need to know about your SEO performance to help you rank higher. 

Although the first CMS you might think of for E-Commerce is Shopify, you shouldn’t write off WordPress in terms of its ability to go toe-to-toe with its competitor. The plugins that WordPress provides are close to catching up on Shopify in terms of E-Commerce, however, for other areas like SEO, design and functionality WordPress can be the key to unlocking the potential of your business.

Shopify, the quick and simple alternative?

When comparing WordPress to Shopify, a main takeaway is that the latter is considerably easier to use, as well as set up. Within WordPress having to find, download and activate the plugins that you need, with Shopify there are a lot of the same features already included within the setup, giving you easy access to creating a website that will provide your customers easy access to finding the product or service they require.

If your website is on Shopify, it will be hosted by Shopify itself, with you not having to worry about the security or maintenance of the site as that will be taken care of by Shopify themselves. WordPress can be beneficial for hosting the site yourself on your own server, or through one of our servers, you are able to update and backup the website yourself making sure it’s all kept under control.

Without knowledge or experience in creating and designing websites, then Shopify would be the way to go for you and your business, especially if you deal specifically in E-Commerce. However, when dealing with a digital marketing agency like Use Brandable, our team has experience in creating websites on both CMS.

Having the ability to create a website in WordPress that is tailored to a business’ goals, objectives and ethos, is what we’re all about. Still unsure of which CMS is right for your business? Then why not take a look at some of the websites we’ve built for our clients, in both Shopify and WordPress, click here to find out more, and contact one of our team directly, by clicking here, to discuss which CMS would be best suited for you and your business.

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