What is Apple Business Connect and how could my Restaurant, Pub, Bar or Entertainment business benefit from it?

Things are always changing in the business world, and with the introduction of Apple Business Connect, there’s now a new way for your business to get recognised! With the initials ‘ABC’, it’s as simple as 123, so could this rival to Google Business Profile be the future of how potential customers find your business?

Will this re-launch of Apple ‘Maps Connect’, almost a decade after its predecessor, take over the role of Google Business Profile and be where you should focus?

What can Apple Business Connect do for my business?

Re-launched to combat to try and take the crown from Google Business Profile (GBP), for being the go to place that customers will go to find out information on your business. This free tool is a great feature that is incorporated inside of the ‘Maps’ app inside of your iPhone – unfortunately for android users you will be missing out on this feature, but statistics are shown that almost half of the phones issued and used in the UK in 2022 are iPhone users, meaning you have a largely untapped market of potential customers to get your business out too.

Just like how GBP allows you to upload photos, add your business information and the products & services you offer. Apple Business Connect allows your business to be seen directly from the map, it has a more integrated showcase of your products & services, as well as additional call-to-action buttons on top of what GBP already offers, depending on what kind of business you operate you can have a place card showing:

  • Appointment Booking 
  • Call & Chat with the business
  • Making a reservation for a table
  • Ordering food or shop their products 
  • Even buying a ticket!

There are so many different call-to-actions on offer for you to use and customise your Apple Business Connect to your liking and how you can implement whatever you’d prefer that would be useful for your customers.

Should I leave my Google Business Profile for Apple Business Connect?

To keep it short…no, but, we will say that it is a great advantage for your business to have both of these different free tools running simultaneously, as the bottom line is they’re both FREE!

You can have the benefit of both of these tools, providing information to a vast market of potential customers, however, there is an area that Apple Business Connect is pulling itself ahead of GBP.


While GBP offers you some statistics when telling you how many customers viewed your business this month, Apple Business Connect takes it to the next level with its Insights feature, giving you an in-depth analysis of what your customers are looking for. You can see what they have viewed before interacting with your ABC account, giving you the opportunity to tailor your own platform to market to these customers, and giving them the incentive to choose your business over the competitors.

How do I get started on creating my Apple Business Connect account?

You can claim your Apple Business Connect account right now when you go to businessconnect.apple.com, by using an Apple ID you’re able to create your own account and claim your business’s address, once it’s all set up you’re good to go!

Once you’ve got hold of your Apple Business Connect account you can update the information about your business in the different fields required, make sure to keep the information the same as your GBP keeping continuity and building up another citation for your business for customers to find you at.

Having an Apple Business Account can be the difference between you pulling in potential customers away from your competitor, who might not be up to date on the tool. Whether you’re a local or nationwide business there is a great opportunity to take advantage of, keeping yourself ahead of your market.

This is just the beginning for Apple Business Connect, with a lot more features to come in the future, this GBP rival can also be used alongside it and it’s something we’d highly recommend! The future is bright for this tool and how it can be fruitful for your business, so if you’re unsure about setting up either your own ABC or GBP then our team is more than happy to assist, just click here to get in contact and we’ll get you on the road to success!

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