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From Website Design to Social Media, take a look at how we took Herbal Pet Supplies to the next level with our digital marketing services!

Started 10 years ago by Claire Lyons, Herbal Pet Supplies is one of the leading suppliers of herbal pet products in the UK. They’re there to make sure your pets get all the support they need, in an all-natural way!

Herbal Pet Supplies Mobile Display | Use Brandable
Herbal Pet Supplies Mobile & Laptop Display | Use Brandable

How It Started

Claire was looking to re-design her website and review her marketing strategy to be able to create a more consistent flow of new customers.

From Google Ads to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), After speaking with the Use Brandable team Claire knew exactly what she needed to help propel Herbal Pet Supplies to the next level, and once she sat down with Luke, Claire knew that Use Brandable was the answer for her to achieve her goals!

Herbal Pet Supplies Website Display | Use Brandable

The Solution​

Working closely with Claire, we developed innovative strategies to propel Herbal Pet Supplies to new heights. Through a thorough analysis of potential benefits for Claire, our goal was to extend the reach and tap into a broader target market for Herbal Pet Supplies.

Our approach included a re-design of the Herbal Pet Supplies site, enhancing it from top to bottom and incorporating numerous new features. This revamp not only gave the site a sleek and faster feel but also streamlined the shopping experience for customers trying to find their favourite pet supplies!

When it came to SEO for Herbal Pet Supplies, we researched and implemented relevant keywords to the business across the website, optimising the site to attract a wider range of potential customers. Expanding the reach of Herbal Pet Supplies across Google, we strategically promoted Herbal Pet Supplies, ensuring we broadened the reach of how far Herbal Pet Supplies’ products can be seen by potential customers!

Our team also worked to implement targeted advertising on Herbal Pet Supplies’ Facebook and Instagram pages, effectively engaging with new customers across these platforms. This multi-faceted approach not only improved the online visibility but also strengthened Herbal Pet Supplies’ presence too.

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The Results

Through the implementation of the brand new marketing strategies the Use Brandable team created for Claire and Herbal Pet Supplies, completely exceeded our objectives, propelling the business to new heights!

Through all the efforts from every part of the Use Brandable team, we were able to achieve incredible results, leading to an impressive 50% increase in Herbal Pet Supplies’ turnover in just 3 months! 

Both us and Claire couldn’t be happier with what we’ve achieved for Herbal Pet Supplies, we’re incredibly proud to have them as a client for the future and can’t wait to see how far we can take this amazing business together! If you’re interested in any herbal pet products for your pets then we couldn’t recommend Herbal Pet Supplies enough.

We’re also incredibly proud to announce that Our design was selected to be featured in The Best Pet Shop Web Designs by DesignRush, a platform known for promoting web designs!

Claire Lyons
Herbal Pet Supplies

“I first started talking to Luke at Use Brandable in February 2022, at the start I was apprehensive as I knew it was quite a big job, however, Luke and the team put me at ease. Since working with Use Brandable they have built us two new websites for both Herbal Pet Supplies and Herbal Health & Home, I was so impressed, we now use them for all our online marketing needs! Their expertise has helped to grow both Herbal Pet Supplies and Herbal Health & Home, by over 50% in the last 3 months alone. I’m really excited about what we can achieve together in the future.”

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