Ethical Bedding

Planet positive bedding company, Ethical Bedding, has had their website transformed by our Web Design & Development team!

James has worked hard for the past few years to ensure his products are vegan, planet friendly as well as ethically sourced. All whilst improving a good night’s sleep and to assure his customers are ‘ridiculously comfortable’.

Ethical Bedding | Phone Website Preview
Ethical Bedding | Website | Desktop & Phone

How It Started

After having his website built by another Web Design Agency, James was aware to stay ahead of the competition, he’d have to make sure Ethical Bedding was ahead of the curve at all times. James was keen to improve his website, he knew that added features would be an extra advantage of keeping Ethical Bedding on top! That’s when James found Use Brandable, through a referral from one of our previous customers, he was able to get in contact with Luke and the team in 2021, and we were ready to get started on getting Ethical Bedding to the level it deserved to be at!

Ethical Bedding | Website Preview

The Solution​

We knew that James wanted to hone in on the fact that his products were all ethically sourced, and made from Eucalyptus and other environmentally friendly materials to create a comfortable experience for his customers!

We got to work as soon as possible, making upgrades over time to the Ethical Bedding website, adding in different areas that were missing such as a functional header, as well as product pages that were user-friendly and creating an experience like no other with widgets to describe what Ethical Bedding was all about. We helped James and Ethical Bedding on their Shopify Website, from adding additional pages to implementing custom blocks to the different pages across the site.

We optimised their website, whilst keeping it simple and user-friendly. Keeping in line with the company’s tone, we then refreshed their theme to provide an all-round improved experience for their customers. This ensured the connection between James and his customers remained synergised. For every customer that shops with Ethical Bedding, they plant a tree! We remind the customer of the impact they make on the planet when shopping with James by adding a counter for every new tree planted.

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The Results

Our ongoing support with Ethical Bedding has been incredibly fruitful for them and helped them improve in areas that were lacking when the website was first launched. With regular updates from us and a flowing stream of communication between ourselves and James, we got the Ethical Bedding looking and functioning how it deserved to!

When we increased the optimisation and improved the clunkiness of the website, it had a domino effect on other areas – leading to a decreased bounce rate of customers and in turn an increased conversion rate of the potential customers that were sticking around to view the environmentally friendly products on the website. The decreased bounce rate can be accounted for by the speed of the website improving and the loading times increasing so that customers can see whatever they needed to ASAP!

We couldn’t be happier with how the Ethical Bedding website looks and performs now, as well as James and the company becoming an ongoing long-term partner of use Brandable! We highly recommend Ethical Bedding for your bedding needs, from a sustainable, vegan and planet-friendly company.

James Higgins
Ethical Bedding

“Use Brandable have been an amazing partner for our business, Ethical Bedding.

Luke has carefully nurtured a fantastic relationship over the course of a year and really understands our requirements, offering ideas and solutions that add immediate value to our business.

They’re skilled executors and have specifically helped us improve mobile UX, speed, conversion rates as well as some of the more boring fixes along the way.

I’m not someone that recommends businesses unless I truly believe they can deliver on their promises with a high level of acumen and skill.

I have full confidence in recommending Use Brandable and am grateful that we found such a fantastic partner.”

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